Monday, March 29, 2010

Reply from The Network

We are on top of this and we will have goods available for acquistion by noon today. Do we need to develop a fundraising program to pay for the product and get NGO's to help or are there funds currently available to acquire the units?

This AM we have a call scheduled for Project Handclasp over similar matters in a different State Partnership Program, but we will be discussing the next or even emergency shipping of goods to EUCOM countries. Additionally, with our strategic partner, Admiral Jeremiah Denton Foundation, we can probable airlift the equipment in very short order should you decide you want us to move forward. As we have a time difference of seven hours between the East Coast and Chisinau, please feel free to call us between 5AM-7PM EST today, once we send you details, or tomorrow.

NOTE: For those who don't know, Adm Jeremiah Denton Foundation is not the same as the Denton Foundation handled by USAID. The Denton Foundation split into two factions with the Jeremiah Denton Foundation becoming a strong supporter of The Humanitarian Network working with service clubs and faith-based groups. It is not "space available military transport", but uses regularly scheduled delivery flights.

Request from U.S. Embassy - Chisinau, Moldova

From: Diana Danu, U.S. Embassy, BAO office
Subject: Moldova Update and Request from Chisinau Trauma hospital

Former Prime Minister Greceanii has asked the U.S. Ambassador for two pieces of medical equipment for an emergency/trauma hospital. Chisinau does not have any medical facilities with the two following pieces of medical equipment for diagnosing and treating victims of severe trauma.

One item is an orthopedic table. The Embassy HP provided the attached link to an ortho equipment reseller in the US . You can see that the prices range from ~2k to 17k (with a Rolls Royce 42,000k model also available).

Description: An Orthopedic Fracture Table is used for applying controlled flexion and traction to a patient's body. The table is divided at its mid-region into upper and lower platforms. A patient lying on the table is harnessed at the opposite ends of the fracture table, and pelvic straps on the lower platform keeps the patient's pelvic region secured to the lower platform. The patient's head or arms can be selectively harnessed at the head of the upper platform to place the patient's upper body in traction during lowering of the platforms.

The second item is a C-arm (X-ray Image Intensifier). The Embassy HP is working on getting prices for C-arms.

Description: A Mobile X-Ray Image Intensifier (XRII) is often referred to as a C-Arm or Fluoroscope. An XRII uses low intensity x-rays to produce a 'live' image feed which is displayed on a TV screen. It enables medical specialists to better diagnose injuries.

The Embassy made a request through the State Department for the equipment from military medical supplies in Germany . They were told that neither piece is currently available. Can you source for us?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

U.S. Military Dentists Treat Moldovan Orphans

Miltary dentists, part of the State Partnership Program between North Carolina and the Republic of Moldova, traveled to
“N.Testimitanu” Moldova State Medical and Pharmaceutical University. The visit provided free dental care to Moldovan children residing in the Straseni and Ialoveni boarding schools. This event is a continuation of a series of yearly events launched by the Bilateral Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy within the framework of the North Carolina–Moldova State Partnership Program. As with other missions , such as shipments of medical supplies and equipment, youth exchange programs, pediatric cancer care, and support for the state university legal library, the transition to democracy has been made easier since the days of Soviet dominance, by implementation of the State Partnership Program.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clarifying the State Partnership Program

"Miller, Todd MAJ NGWV"
To: "ed mattson"
Those engineering projects are a separate exercise (and funding) than what we have in (International Affairs) IA. Exercises are developed "in country" by the Embassy and host nation; resourced and funded by the Combatant Command. Many of these exercises have been "partnered" lately with the civilian organizations to equip the schools and supplement the building process...most units don't care where the materials come from so the assumption is made that the host nation government purchased the materials. Congress won't allow us to purchase books, desks, etc, so instead of just giving a shell of a building, the NGOs that we have started partnering with (that can’t build the building) fill the void of providing what is illegal for the US Government to provide. The only thing that we can do with IA money (when we get it) is hold it.
Subject Matter Expert Exchanges and Conferences for exchange of information only...NO TRAINING! I can introduce the right people and what they do outside the shadow of the US Government is on these fire trucks. This keeps the US Government out of things if they don't work out. I'll give you a call this afternoon...I'm working this weekend too.