Monday, August 30, 2010

Relocated to Mooresville, NC (Charlotte area)

Relocating at any age can be challenging. Moving and relocating my family from the Republic of Moldova has been more than a challenge...more like pulling teeth without novocaine. Securing permanent legal status for my wife and youngest son was an expensive venture (doing it legally), which is why so many want to sneek across the border. It took more than five years and we still have our oldest son, Alex, and Mama to bring over.

We have made life-altering decisions to settle into the Charlotte area. I recently left The Humanitarian Network, which dates back to Rotary's World Community Service Resource Network founded by Past RI president, Cliff Dochterman, operating now as a consultant to source goods and services for international projects and disaster relief efforts, under the banner "Center-Point Consultants". We will be focusing on individual project consultation, fundraising development for major projects, source goods and services for those in need, and providing cutting edge cancer treatment information to healthcare practitioners and patients.