Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Work on the Humanitarian Network!

In response to the recent and seemingly "never-ending" global disasters in the South Pacific and Africa, the Connectivity Network was asked by Rotarians and non-Rotarian groups to increase awareness of the call for help. We were immediately able to send-out emails to out OPTED-IN email list, providers/suppliers of goods and service, and to Rotarians and non-Rotarian alike.

The initial response was slow in coming, but things finally clicked. Rotarians moved into action. Dr. Leigh Readdy from the Rotary Club of Northshore (D-5030) was the lead on the west coast, and was able to establish communications with Samoa, the Philippines and Hawaii. Because we already have an established relationship with the military in Hawaii and the Philippines (both areas are covered under our Network Partner Program with the National Guard Bureau of International Affairs State Partnership Program), we were able to get up to speed rapidly.

Working with other Network partners, CleanwaterUSA, Protor & Gamble, Reliance Products-Canada, and Project Hope, we have been able to move life-saving goods into the area. Rotarians helped out by donating funds for emergency water replacement systems which convert non-potable water to clean drinking water. One INTERACT CLUB raised over $2000 for the effort and Project Hope is making the delivery. Rotarians in their finest hour!
We now are back to working on our Hurricane Preparedness Program with District 6200 in anticipation of possible disaster related weather coming on shore this hurricane season or hitting the countries of Central America and the Caribbean down in Hurricane Alley. Those wanting to participate is this TRULY UNIQUE PROGRAM, please see:

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