Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Establishing NEW PROJECT... Warrior2Citizen

The past few month I have been involved with Gen John Owings (Ret) and Col. Michael Roberts (Ret), developing a new pilot program with the state of Georgia, the National Guard, and veterans groups, to address the record number of post traumatic stress disorder cases (PTSD) in the warriors returning from duty in Iraq and Afganhistan...18 suicides/day, broken marriages, substance abuse...caused by 3-4-5-6 deployments into the war zone. This is unlike anything we've ever seen.

In Vietnam it was one deployment, R&R, and return home unless you volunteered for additional deployment; Granada, a one time deployment; Kosovo, Gulf I, one time deployment. This is different. Veterans know we cannot look the other way or abandon their family's hope that a warrior can make that successful transition back to being a normal civilian. It is not an easy transition to make without help. We will not let them down!

Starting 1 January 2011, you will hear more about our efforts which, following some initial grant monies from the State of Georgia and DOD, we will be in a fundraising mode which leads to sustainable funding so that we can provide the services these heros need. We will be filling the Internet with referrals back to our website (when completed), showing ways we can all help. We hope our email campaigns to veterans groups, and other organizations will not fall on deaf and blind citizens as we are all safe and our country stays strong because "They go when others won't...they do what others can't". God Bless America and Semper Fi!

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