Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cancer help

Hi Ed,

You came to our club a couple years back and I paid and signed up to be part of your cancer cause.
I got your book and also corresponded with you a couple times.
I did not know I would end up with multiple cancer issues within the family but I did.
I spoke to you in the past about my mother and her diagnosed multiple myaloma cancer.
You sent me several things on this disease that were very helpful.
We have just recently been dealing with my father in law who was diagnosed with Stomach cancer.
He just had a major surgery to remove his entire stomach, spleen and part of his pancreas.

Not sure where we go from here with him, but I thought I would reach out to you once again since I think I am suppose to be a lifetime member of your program I signed up for and donated to.
I know you said any time we need any info on cancer related stuff we could reach out to you.

Well here I am again.

Do you have any info on stomach cancer that could help me and my family with my father in law?

On a side note, where and how do I get old pills and meds to the right people to ship overseas?


James Frawley, ChFC,CFS
Partner and Co Founder
Independent Financial Advisor

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