Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thank you for the info on prostate cancer

Hello Ed,
I just wanted to get back to you on my decisions and progress. I had robotic prostate surgery on October 23rd. The surgery went very well and I was released from the hospital the next day. Dr. Robert Nelson with Virginia Urology performed the surgery at St. Mary’s hospital, here in Richmond, VA. I was very pleased with the care I was given there. Dr. Nelson said the odds are less than 1% chance that the cancer got outside of the prostate gland and no further treatment is scheduled at this time other than the usual PSA tests. I return to Dr. Nelson’s office on Nov. 1st for my post-op check and hopefully remove this catheter. I have not needed to take any pain medications since I left the hospital. I am looking forward to a full recovery in the next few weeks.
I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to talk with me and sending me all the information you did. It was very helpful during my process of deciding what my next steps would be after the diagnosis.
Thanks again and Best wishes to you.
Charlie Keene

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