Friday, January 15, 2010

Addressing Medical Needs-Haiti


Many thanks for the follow-up. We just posted it on and will post this afternoon on and

We have several state disaster agenties who have been in contact with us regarding goods they want to send in. Good to know you can handle it. We also have a major Humanitarian Network Partner who is putting together a Transitional Building (see: so Project Hope International, another of our startegic partners will have a clean facility to perform major sujeries. Project Hope has several medical teams in country now, with much needed medical supplies and medicine.

We have several medical warehouses which can send medical supplies as a back-up to replace the local doctors who have run out, and replenish Project Hope. We've asked those at MSNI to tell us how much they have in stock, and how much we need to raise to cover their costs so we can create a "project" out of their efforts which clubs can support. This and another load of Waterboxes will be a high priority on Air Haiti. We will have cost figures for the Hospital Trauma Building shortly and hope Rotarians will step up and help fund it. We could have it there in a day or so, but need Rotarians to erect it over in Port au Prince.

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