Friday, January 15, 2010

Monetary Donations to Dominican Republic Banks

From: Charles F. Adams Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 5:17 PMTo: John Eberhard ( Barry Rassin (; Dick McCombe (; 'Ramiro Melo'; 'claude surena'; Alexandra Martinez Adams ( DR Haiti Disaster Relief CommitteeImportance: High

To: Mr. John Eberhard
Executive Director, CRCID, and Chair,
Disaster Relief – Rotarian Action Group
Phone: 519-473-2100
Fax: 519-471-8982

From: Charles F. Adams
International Coordinator
Haiti Disaster Relief Committee
District 4060, Dominican Republic
U.S. phone to the DR: 518-685-4285
DR cell phone: 829-509-5505 or 809-753-5505
Electronic Fax (U.S.): 518-338-0124

Re: Credentials of the DR Haiti Disaster Relief Committee

Dear John:
On behalf of 4060 DG Ramiro Sanchez and all the members of our Haiti Disaster Relief Committee, I am pleased to convey the background information and documentation about our committee that you requested in our phone conversation, this morning.

District 4060 is not just motivated by its commitment to “Service Above Self” with respect to the tragedy of Haiti, its island neighbor. After all, we know all too well what tragedy is after the devastating hurricanes we experience, ourselves. But the Dominican Republic, by accident of geography, is also uniquely situated to be an effective route for delivering emergency goods and services to Haiti. In fact, for many things, the DR may be the least expensive and fastest way to acquire and ship materials and supplies into Haiti.

What Haiti needs the most is not available in Haiti – at any price. One cannot buy food when there is no food, nor medicines when there are none. But most of what is needed is available in the Dominican Republic, and the Dominican government is firmly committed to facilitating aid initiatives to Haiti. Accordingly, the DR’s 64 Rotary Clubs believe that we can play a useful role by creating an effective supply chain of emergency goods from the DR to Haiti.

Our Haiti Disaster Relief Committee, therefore, has two initiatives. One is to marshal the contributions of goods from our own 64 Rotary Clubs for delivery to Haiti. DG Ramiro has already published that request, and individual clubs have already begun collecting needed supplies. The second is to solicit the support of the international Rotary community.

Many foreign Rotary clubs and districts do not know how to work directly with the Rotary clubs in Haiti – and it is not always easy to do so, even under the best of circumstances. However, we know the Haitian Rotarians well. For the past three years while managing the national campaign “Pure Water for Haiti,” for example, the Petion-Ville club was my “home” club. Dr. Claude Surena, a dear friend of mine and with whom you’ve spoken by phone, is an eminent member of that club as well as being the president of the Haitian Medical Association. Dr. Surena has agreed to manage the storage and distribution of supplies sent from the DR to Haiti by our committee.
DG Ramiro has named the following Rotarians to the Haiti Disaster Relief Committee;
Ramiro Sanchez, DG 09-10. Email: Phone: 809-399-0978 (in Spanish)
Aura Baslis, DG 10-11. Email:
Jacqueline Medina, DG 11-12. Email:
Alexandra Martinez de Adams, DG 12-13. Email:
Jose Augusto Mella, PDG 06-07 and District Secretary 09-10. Email:
Jose Ma [Zhema] Fernandez, AG 09-10, Webmaster and PR. Email:
Ambiorix de la Cruz, P 09-010, Santo Domingo Naco. Email:
Marilis Perez, PP, Santo Domingo Colonial. Email:
Ruben Goico Rodriguez, National Coordinator of the Committee. Email:
Charles F. Adams, International Coordinator of the Committee. Email:

To facilitate the receipt and disbursements of funds by bank wire, DG Ramiro has set up the dedicated bank accounts at Banco BHD. (For security reasons please contact DG Ramiro directly for instructions)

We know that individuals and small clubs or organizations are often not acquainted with using bank wires -- or it is just not economic for them to do so. Therefore, to facilitate the handling of smaller contributions by check or money order in the U.S. and Canada, Safe Water Institute, Inc., a 509(c)(3) in Grand Rapids, MI (which is also officially registered to do business in the DR) has agreed to serve as the agent for the Haiti Disaster Relief Committee. Safe Water Institute will accept checks, money orders, or cash on behalf of the Haiti Disaster Relief Committee and convey those funds immediately to our committee in the DR.

Checks or money orders should be made out to Safe Water Institute, Inc. and sent to:

Safe Water Institute, Inc.
Attn: Harry J. Knopke, CEO
P.O. Box 68007Grand Rapids, MI 49516
Phone: 616-774-8017
Cell: 616-540-4094

I will also attach a letter ( as you requested) from DG Ramiro which authorizes me to solicit funds for our committee.
Finally, I know you by reputation, of course; however, we have never met. Accordingly, I will attach some background information for your “due diligence” file.
It would be an honor if District 4060 Rotarians could make it possible for other clubs, districts, foundations, and aid agencies in the U.S. and elsewhere to come to the rescue of people in Haiti who are suffering and dying. And time is of the essence. If you feel that this would be a productive way for other Rotarians to help, kindly feel free to tell other districts and clubs about our committee and our willingness to be of service.
The Future of Haiti Is In Our Hands.

Charles F. Adams
Dom.Rep. Home: 809-226-8565
Dom.Rep. Cell: 829-509-5505 or 809-753-5505
U.S. Line to Dom.Rep.: 518-685-4285
Electronic Fax: 518-338-0124

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